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Valentine, 25 years oldAlvin, USA
Joanna, 23 years old, StraightOregon City, USA
Herbert, 27 years old, StraightHutchinson, USA
Audrey, 29 years old, StraightNorth Platte, USA
Eugene, 22 years old, StraightKalispell, USA
Scott, 23 years old, Fort Hunt, USA
Jenny, 24 years old, StraightRedmond, USA
Brenton, 25 years oldSaco, USA
Saul, 17 years oldDumont, USA
Amber, 19 years old, StraightMaryland City, USA
Dennis, 28 years old, BisexualFresno, USA
Silas, 18 years old, Bozeman, USA
Lindsay, 20 years old, Watertown, USA
Shannon, 29 years old, StraightWashington, USA
Eveline, 29 years old, StraightHastings, USA
Corinna, 21 years old, StraightBowling Green, USA
Amos, 19 years old, Omaha, USA
Ernestine, 29 years old, StraightOak Hill, USA
Cheryl, 29 years old, StraightGrand Junction, USA
Christine, 27 years old, StraightYoungstown, USA
Wayne, 19 years old, Colchester, USA
Casey, 21 years old, StraightCape Girardeau, USA
Julianne, 26 years old, StraightSan Luis, USA
Christine, 18 years old, StraightPearl, USA
Lindsay, 30 years old, Overland, USA
Timothy, 21 years oldClarksville, USA
Celestine, 22 years old, StraightPittsburgh, USA
Marilyn, 18 years old, StraightCranberry Township, USA
Jefferson, 45 years old, Stillwater, USA
Reginald, 25 years oldRedford, USA
Marilyn, 18 years old, Straight, Woman, Cranberry Township, USA 0 0

18 years old Straight

Cranberry Township, USA

Christine, 27 years old, Straight, Woman, Youngstown, USA 0 0

27 years old Straight

Youngstown, USA

Jeffrey, 17 years old, Bisexual, Burlington, USA 0 0

17 years old

Burlington, USA

Dennis, 28 years old, Bisexual, Bisexual, Fresno, USA 0 4

28 years old Bisexual

Fresno, USA

Valentine, 25 years old, Bisexual, Alvin, USA 0 0

25 years old

Alvin, USA

Christine, 18 years old, Straight, Woman, Pearl, USA 0 0

18 years old Straight

Pearl, USA